white naomi roses

White Naomi Roses   the delicious white rose with a unique fragrance!


White Naomi Roses are uniquely different to other commercially grown roses because of their sweet, subtle fragrance and extraordinary long vase life of around two weeks. This long vase life is not a common factor among naturally perfumed roses. In addition to this White Naomi opens wonderfully into a well formed large flower crown. This new white rose has been specifically bred for the high-end, exclusive market. White Naomi became an instant hit, especially in Russia and Eastern Europe, where luxurious, high-end roses are a big favourite. In the UK we have seen a growing demand for White Naomi Roses in the wedding flower market & it is expected to be challenging classics like Avalanche and Maroussia roses for top spot over the next few years. As you will see in the video, White Naomi Roses can be used for modern, contemporary wedding work, but because of their big blowsy flower heads, deep green glossy foliage and subtle perfume, fit in extremely well with old fashioned vintage wedding flower themes aswell.

White Naomi is now the market challenger in exclusive white roses and are recognised as one of the finest ever by top florists and floral designers. They are now available all year round and sold in wholesale wraps of twenty stems, (although some of the bigger grades are packed in 10's). If mixing red and white roses together, White Naomi compliments its predecessor Red Naomi perfectly because the shape of the flower crowns are the same!

White Naomi are simply stunning roses - we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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